Leadership’s first Dialogue Seminar

merk4p —  November 16, 2014 — Leave a comment

by Dagan, K4P Volunteer

On Friday, we started with a small sharing presence exercise in small groups asking questions: What do I see? what do I hear? What do I feel? Each kid shared a meaningful thought and we moved on to some tougher questions:

  1. Expectations from our parents — do our parents understand us? I asked if their parents had no expectations from them at all, how would it be for them?

  2. Qualities of a leader: communications skills, charismatic, brave, powerful, thinks of others… Can anyone be a leader? Inside we all have the potential, but for some of us it’s harder because somethings is blocking us from achieving this goal (for example, a shy person).

  3. What can we change in ourselves? Somethings we are born with and cannot change, but inner qualities can change.

During our dialogue on Saturday, the youth had some incredible thoughts:

“If we are all human, why don’t we take care of each other?” -Eyal, Jewish

“War doesn’t resolve the conflict, it only makes it worse… the cycle of revenge.  We should remember that in reality, there are different perspectives than ours.  I don’t necessarily agree with you, but I can respect your way and your own thoughts.” -Lara, Christian

“If peoples’ needs are met, they will be no more reason for war.” -Ismail, Muslim

As the conversations got deeper, more questions were raised in the circle:

-What started the war in Gaza?

-Are we effective? Are we doing enough for peace? We meet each other and talk.. but then what? Can we do more?

-How will the world know about us? Some of the kids talked to other guests, and told them about K4P and even invited them to join us!

-What happened to us personally during the war?

Then Rebecca, K4P co-director asked the youth: What is missing in the dialogue? Where are the things that we don’t agree about, or hard for us to raise? Is talking enough? Can we do more? How can we take more responsibility?”

10801494_10152334784256292_753821377979961704_nBefore closing up the weekend, we all came together for a summary circle to look ahead at the eyar:

  1. During this year we’ll be going deeper into the subjects of this weekend seminar.

  2. One of our main goals: being more aware of ourselves, bringing our full presence to the circle.

  3. Learn to express more of our feelings, and notice the difference between feelings and thoughts.

  4. K4P is not only fun any more, this year will be more meaningful and demands more.


We asked the youth, what did you learn?

  • The importance of listening.

  • To respect others is key…

  • That I can understand someone without agreeing with him.

  • About myself and my friends.

  • On other’s opinions.

  • I don’t know all the facts about the war, and what I know is not the entire story.

  • Not to complain but to deal with the way things are.

Questions we take home:

  • What is unchangeable in me?

  • Is it enough to speak, or should we act (to give others hope)?

  • Do I do enough in my community?

  • Can anyone be a leader?

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