Why is it important to be friends with different people?

merk4p —  August 14, 2015 — Leave a comment

by Kids4Peace youth at Boston camp

8-10-15 (E)Ariel: It’s important to be friends with different people because you get to learn different things from that friendship instead of just being friends with the same people and staying the same.

Talia: So we can have friends with other perspectives and see where they’re coming from. And to be nice to people who are different from you so you can peaceful with them.

Zayn: It feels a little weird and confusing. Since it would be hard to pick a thing to do. In the end you might end up liking an activity/game/sport that they had fun doing and you used to not have fun with. You can still get a long but it may be a little more difficult. So a way to help make it go faster is see everything in their perspective.

Emma: You may not have a lot of things in common, so you will have to accept each other’s differences. But, you can also learn a lot from your differences and similarities, which will help you and your friend become good friends.

Ali: Weird, hard, funny. You can learn to like the differences.

Victoria: It’s fun but kind of weird at the same time like you don’t really know what to talk about but you learn why they like and maybe you even start to like it too. In a few words: fun, awkward, interesting, cool, scary. You learn a new perspective like I may love soccer and basketball but they may hate it so you can see why they hate it and make them like it or maybe you may start hating it.

Yuval: not different

Nur: I think it’s very good because you meet new friends that they different, and learn a new things from them. I think that in this way we can do the peace and to meet new difference peoples.

Yovel: You learn a lot of different words from a lot of different languages.

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