Finding a group rhythm

merk4p —  August 15, 2015 — Leave a comment

by Selina, Counselor/Social Media Coordinator

8-15-15 (A)Knowing how to ask for a translation is one thing, but getting someone to listen to you in something else entirely. Without listening, there is no way to hold attention or communicate ideas. With three languages, the voices of thirty kids, and hundreds of ideas, it’s a big jumble and there’s no way to untangle it.

In dialogue, campers practiced their listening, walking around, following each other, asking for other kids to give them attention, and feeling what it’s like to be ignored. They reflected on the experience and how to actively listen, even if they can’t understand.

The afternoon involved their first swim, in the beautiful waters of Lake Champlain, and a much-anticipated ice cream social. Supporters, alumni and families of Kids4Peace all gathered, listening to the Founder, the Bishop of Vermont, and the Board President as they shared remarks, before eagerly digging into five different flavors of Ben & Jerry’s euphoric ice cream.

In the evening, the kids had some free time to play and pack for the big move to New Hampshire. Maybe it was the listening work in the morning, maybe it was having spent a couple of days together, or maybe it was the magic of Ben and Jerry’s, but there was a palpable shift in the group dynamic. Games started and ended without any difficulty, groups grew, shrunk and shifted without anyone feeling left out, and invitations to play were extended. It was as if the jumble of crossed communication had eased, and a group rhythm was found.8-15-15 (D)

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