Global Institute – Day 8: Legislative Prep

mawishk4p —  July 18, 2018 — Leave a comment


The excitement level today was sky high, as the kids prepared for a highlight of the Global Institute; tomorrow’s Advocacy day. All the leadership and advocacy training that they have gained over the course of the past week will come into play when they take the lead and advocate on behalf of support towards Israeli-Palestinian peace programs, as well as gun reform legislation. The morning was spent learning more about the American political system and how the government works. The kids were all engaged and asked intelligent and important questions as they tried to make the most of this opportunity and gain more knowledge. 38 meetings are scheduled for tomorrow in both the House and the Senate, with both Republican and Democrat Senators and Congressmen and women. The group was briefed on what the specific bills that they will be advocating for are, and of the importance that the passing of these bills will have on Kids4Peace’s work and growth. A large scale of time today was spent preparing for tomorrow’s highly anticipated and important meetings; meetings that will showcase the leadership ability of our youth that we are so proud and supportive of. Members of the Kids4Peace International Board helped some groups prepare, and some will be joining us tomorrow on Capital Hill and leading legislative groups. In addition to our board members, members from the Alliance for Middle East Peace and prominent D.C. lawyers will be joining our meetings. The support and faith that these figures show in our youth is admirable and appreciated, as we know of the great things that this group of young leaders can achieve.


We took a break from our preparation to watch the World Cup, and everyone joined together for a good-spirited time. Despite the division of those rooting for France or Croatia, we all came together to watch and cheer for our respective teams. We joined the St. Johns Episcopal Church for services this evening, and enjoyed a nice dinner with congregants, Kids4Peace board members, and members of the community. Three of our youth spoke at the dinner and shared their story of why they joined Kids4Peace and what their experience involved in the organization has been like and taught them.

“I’m never afraid to share my opinion at Kids4Peace because I know it will always be respected, even if no agreed on by all” – David, Jerusalem, Jewish

We are looking forward to an eventful day tomorrow, and for our youth to walk onto Capital Hill with the confidence, knowledge, and leadership that they all have within them and are ready to display.

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