International Camp: Day 2

mawishk4p —  August 5, 2018 — Leave a comment

DSC02510Once International Camp participants had a day to get acclimated to the new camp, we started off the second day by framing conversations and action in faith. Our 72 youth are coming from a range of backgrounds from Israel, Palestine and America, and with them they are bringing different practices, beliefs, and experiences that shape their religious and spiritual identities.

“[My faith is] something I can trust, that will give me a hand when I need it, that will support me in a time of need.” -Tuvia, Jewish, Jerusalem


Because Friday is a religious day for people of many different faiths, participants were able to take part in the weekly prayer that Muslims take part in together in the afternoon, known as Jummah, and the celebration of Kabbalat Shabbat through a service that prepared us for the day of rest. At the end of each service, youth had the opportunity to engage in discussion to ask questions and gain a better understanding about the intentions and reasoning behind the practices that were observed.

IMG-20180803-WA0001These spaces grant our young minds an opportunity to gain clarity and bridge gaps that allow us to live and share the world around us in harmony. As we are moving through our days, youth are creating spaces to actively listen and share their identities with one another, while also forming community through the outdoor elective sessions that engage excitement, friendly competition and laughter.

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