International Camp: Day 5

mawishk4p —  August 7, 2018 — Leave a comment


We continued our journey at International Camp on day five by taking some time to think about what space do we take up in this world. Our day was split into two parts: traveling down two paths at Hooker Falls in DuPont State Forest and sharing stories and experiences at spaces that structure our daily lives at home (i.e. favorite restaurants, schools, etc.). While the hike allowed participants to step away from camp life, it was an opportunity to take a moment to marvel in the world around us. This flowed effortlessly into our group conversations, as our campers added to dialogue about the similarities and differences that they shared in spaces that surrounded them. These two activities helped build up to a larger question that we are exploring throughout the week: where do we create justice?

“Can you bring your whole self to a place? [This activity helped build] an understanding that we will show up differently in different places.” – Kelly (K4P Adviser), Christian, Seattle


Our identities are complex and, for many of us, they allow us to manifest different versions of our self based off those environments. This also allows us to think about the larger questions that influence the role that we play in our homes, our communities, and those spaces that frame our daily lives. As we continue to move through this week, we are working up to understanding what justice means to us in our daily lives and how we can be advocates.

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