International Camp: Day 9

mawishk4p —  August 12, 2018 — Leave a comment

After a week of dialogue and relationship building, our International Camp participants were placed in charge of running religious services for everyone to observe. On day nine, our Muslim and Jewish participants came together and organized Jummah services, as well as Kabbalat Shabbat. Each service was designed to put students in charge of creating spaces for the different practices of each service to be celebrated. During Jummah, participants had the chance to not only observe the prayer, but learn about different sects of Islam that were represented at camp, including Shi’ism, Sunnism, Sufism. That evening, our Jewish campers came together to lead us through different songs and prayers for Kabbalat Shabbat that also represented the different sects of Judaism. Both practices were followed up by question and answers that our kids helped facilitate.

Our day was also sandwiched with daily electives, including zip-lining, intro to filmmaking, a photo walk, swimming, and much more. In our intro to filmmaking elective, participants were given the opportunity to interview one another for a Kids4Peace film about how they would like to see the world change. As camp comes to a close, International Camp is evolving to give students power to take ownership of the resources Kids4Peace seeks to give, by placing leadership in the hands of our youth who have the power to take action and make changes.


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