Pathways Camp Ketura 2018: Day 2

merk4p —  August 14, 2018 — Leave a comment

The sixth graders rose with the sun this morning for an early morning bike ride through Ketura’s date plantation and the desert’s soft sand dunes. Each kid and staff member on the ride had a chance to jump down the dune, if they dared!

Back at Ketura, the rest of the sixth graders created gorgeous decoupage crafts while also getting to know each other better. They learned about the history of Ketura, the mission and vision of the Kibbutz and some of the “ins and outs” of kibbutz life.  

After breakfast, the kids cooled down in the pool. The boys played water games and enjoyed the pool to the max. Then afterwards, the girls played chicken and monkey in the middle. There was not a frown in sight as these water bugs splashed and laughed the hour away in the cool pool.  It was much easier to get everyone in than out.

After lunch the CIT’s led everyone in some games that enabled all of us to use our bodies and also get to know each other better through a series of speed round questions.  

The staff continued raising the energy level with more games.  A fantastic round of “Who’s afraid of the big bear?” got everyone energized for what was yet to come!

From there we split up into electives with the 7th graders. Dance, Painting and Crafts provided relaxation and fun.

We then moved into our small groups for educational sessions and everyone created a group flag to be presented on our closing night.

The 7th graders enjoyed a peaceful 10 minute walk in the desert to watch the sunset. It was a new experience to many of them and magical to all. They had a blast playing in the sand dunes. For dinner, the youths made their own pita over a fire and prepared their meals with the support of the staff. They then watched falling stars and played games with their flashlights. It was a truly beautiful experience.

After dinner, the small groups had the opportunity to reflect on the day and what Kids4Peace means to them. They discussed the opportunities and difficulties that the program brings and how this makes them feel. Some were given time to plan the creative presentations the groups will share during the closing night of camp.




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