Pathways Camp Ketura 2018 Day 3

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As you entered the dining hall for breakfast, you could feel the excitement radiating from the kids about today’s destination – Eilat!  We could all feel that today was going to be an incredible adventure. The bus ride there consisted of singing and laughter.

The day was filled with fun in the sun and on the water with rafting and boat rides. They hung on tight and tried not to fall off into the water. There were three rides the campers could go on- the banana boat, crazy shark, and floating seat.
DSC_0188 (1).jpgDSC_0138.JPG

“My favorite was the Crazy Shark ride, because it’s literally like a bouncy castle on the water,” Hind, 6th grade.

The water was so pristine and the location had such biodiversity that we were able to see bizarre and colorful fish species that were unlike any we had seen before. One surprised group of kids even had a bright blue fish jump into the ride with them!

Before leaving Eilat, we had a delicious lunch of schnitzel, meatballs, potatoes, pita, and salad (and hummus, of course!). The lunch was so good that we had to fend off strangers from eating our food.

After a long day on the water, we returned to Camp Ketura for educational programming. The youth explored their identities, the values that are necessary to accomplish a goal as a team, and what the world would look like without those values. These “kids” offered wisdom and insight far beyond their years. We are blessed with such an incredible group of young hearts and minds. The advisors then led a guided meditation that helped the group self-reflect on the values they had discussed and the realities of the world we live in.

We finished the night watching Ferdinand and having small group discussions. Some of the groups began their presentations while others reflected upon the day and shared meaningful stories with one another.


Overall, today was an excellent opportunity for bonding between the staff and 6th and 7th grade youth.  The groups were mixed both in Eilat and while watching Ferdinand and sharing popcorn.

Thanks so much to our partners USAID West/Bank Gaza for your support.

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