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.אנחנו הילדים של קידס4פיס, אנחנו פותחים את הלילה הזה עם תקווה ומקווים להקדיש נרות אלה לשלום

نحن أطفال سلام، نفتح الليل مع الأمل ونأمل أن تكرس هذه الشموع من أجل السلام

 We are the kids of Kids4Peace. We are opening this night with hope. We dedicate these candles to peace.


Kids4Peace joined with Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities from Jerusalem to celebrate Hannukah, the Jewish festival of light, and shed some light on our shared difficult times. We were invited by Tag Meir and Kehilat Tzion to open the night “with hope.” Together we spoke of hope, light, peace, and the power of coming together to make change.

Four youth from Kids4Peace Jerusalem, Yazan (age 14, Muslim), Nicole (age 14, Muslim), Emanuel (age 15, Jewish), and George (age 15, Christian), spoke about light and their personal hopes for Jerusalem.

Other guests included  Brother Alberto Parry, Sheikh Mahammed, Capricorn Gevaryahu, poets and musicians and the community youth choir of the YMCA. Thank you so much to the dozens of Kids4Peace community members who came out to support our youth, and to Tag Meir and Kehilat Tzion for inviting us to join in this important prayer for light in the darkness.